Profile Q & A: Chris Stevens

Boat Name:

Lady Jacqueline

Port Letter & Number:


Boat Description:

Atlantic Fisher Fast Fishing Boat

Which Species Do You Predominantly Target?

"Handline mackerel & pollock"

How many years fishing and from which port?

"38 years from St. Ives, Newlyn and Hayle"

What methods do you use?

"Lines only!!"

What hours do you fish from and to?

"Usually over low water for 12 hour"

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

"Large Tope on a handline"

Why do you fish?

"It's the only thing I ever wanted to do! Had my own rowing boat at 12 years of age in St. Ives. It's relaxing, healthy and you are your own boss"

Do you have a most memorable fishing moment?

"I was off the Isles of Scilly, long lining when I was 19 and saw a giant leatherback turtle! Magic!!"

How important is sustainable fishing in your view point?

"Sustainable fishing is very important to me as you are insuring future stocks of fish and there is no wastage at all!"

Why should UK consumers eat your fish?

"You can be sure that fish caught on the Lady Jacqueline is the freshest possible slush ice as soon as it comes in over the side. And of course it's fully sustainable"

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