Profile Q & A: Dave Scott

Boat Name:


Port Letter & Number:


Boat Description:

Arvor 23

Which Species Do You Predominantly Target?

"Bass, pollock, cod and mackerel"

How many years fishing and from which port?

"Commercially fishing since 2009"

What methods do you use?

"Rod and line"

What hours do you fish from and to?

"Any time that fits with the tide and sea conditions"

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

"A blue shark of about 65 lb when I was 10 years old, I'm glad that even though it was many years ago it was a catch and release"

Why do you fish?

"Because I enjoy fishing, Its always a challenge, every day is different, you never know what you are going to catch or what you are going to see"

Do you have a most memorable fishing moment?

"I got rather frustrated despite many years of effort not catching a double figure bass so booked a trip to the USA Cape Cod with the rather hopeful intention of catching one and was very fortunate to catch a double figure striper with guide Gill Burke. As is often the way I then caught a double figure bass at home so doing the 'double double' is my memorable moment"

How important is sustainable fishing in your view point?

"This quote sums it up ' The wildlife of today is not ours to dispose of as we please. We have it in trust. We must account for it to those who come after' King George VI. Sustainable fishing will hopefully re dress the balance of many decades of excessive commercial fishing and political negligence"

Why should UK consumers eat your fish?

"Consumers should eat the fish supplied to Wild Harbour because they will be supporting sustainable fishing and promoting the demand for high quality fish that we are able to provide through selective fishing and the use of the latest on board high tech ice boxes"

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