Profile Q & A: Gary Thomas

Boat Name:

Niki lou

Port Letter & Number:


Boat Description:

Warrior 6m Commercial

Which Species Do You Predominantly Target?

"Bass, pollock, cod and mackerel"

How many years fishing and from which port?

"Commercially fishing for 6 years. Predominantly from Falmouth. Niki Lou is towable so I can work from other ports should the need arise"

What methods do you use?

"Mainly rod and line with single live bait or lure. Multi-hook hand line for mackerel"

What hours do you fish from and to?

"I always fish from first light as I find this time the most productive, often staying at sea until last light"

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

"Commercially, 15lbs 4oz bass. However, as a pleasure angler 152lb wells catfish"

Why do you fish?

"Outside of my family, fishing has been a very important part of my life, pleasure fishing for over 40 years. To be able to turn my love of angling into a job is a dream come true. It’s a way of life"

Do you have a most memorable fishing moment?

"Commercially, sharing a day with my good friend Saul Astrinsky, catching in excess of 100 bass on rod and line, all on a single tide. As a hobby, catching my first 50lb carp in the south of France. Happy days!"

How important is sustainable fishing in your view point?

"Extremely, our fish stocks will not last forever. The more sustainable we can make our methods will be better for all concerned, the fisherman, the consumer and most importantly, our fish"

Why should UK consumers eat your fish?

"The quality of line caught fish is second to none. It has not been towed around for hours at the end of a trawl or spent days rotting entangled in a net. Individual species can be targeted using hook and line therefore discarded fish is almost zero. This has to be the way forward"

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