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Port Letter & Number:


Boat Description:

Wooden Under 10m Inshore Trawler

Which Species Do You Predominantly Target?

"I fish in a mixed demersal fishery, with John Dory being my target species"

How many years fishing and from which port?

"I’ve fished from Newlyn and fished the SW approaches for 25 years, using a variety of methods"

What methods do you use?

"Single rig otter trawl"

What hours do you fish from and to?

"You wouldn’t believe me but my gear is always in the water and is stowed after dark, doing 20 hours days throughout the summer"

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

"I’ve fished on many boats over the years and I’ve seen some amazing hauls of fish. My personal best with the Innisfallen being a 50 stone haul of Dory valued well over £1500"

Why do you fish?

"I fish because I like the freedom and the challenge and thrill of the hunt and the pride of delivering a good quality product to people"

Do you have a most memorable fishing moment?

"I have many memorable moments, most of which were usually down to the camaraderie and friendship of being part of a crew"

How important is sustainable fishing in your view point?

"It’s got to be sustainable. I would like there to be an industry left for my sons if they wish to follow me into the industry"

Why should UK consumers eat your fish?

"Quite simply it’s the best! Day fresh fish from a low impact traditional fishery"

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