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Port Letter & Number:


Boat Description:

Plymouth Pilot With 6hp Outboard

Which Species Do You Predominantly Target?

"Bass, mackerel, pollock, crab and lobster"

How many years fishing and from which port?

"32 years from St Ives"

What methods do you use?

"Angling with live sand eels/small mackerel as bait, handlines, pots and nets"

What hours do you fish from and to?

"Any daylight hours depending on tides"

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

"M108lb Porbeagle shark. As a teenager I caught the Cornish shore record spurdog from Clodgey Point at 12lb 8oz"

Why do you fish?

"I love the challenge, the lifestyle, my work place and sometimes the money is great!"

Do you have a most memorable fishing moment?

"Lots! One being angling for 11 hours and catching a bass every cast, eventually running out of bait having caught 117 bass"

How important is sustainable fishing in your view point?

"Very important, it looks after stocks and increases prices. There are some weeks in winter when hooks won’t fish and I use nets that are only left in the water a short time to keep the quality up. It is all about offering the freshest fish possible to the public"

Why should UK consumers eat your fish?

"Unbeatable quality! Straight from the hook into slush ice and looked after for the quick journey to the buyer. UK consumers can’t get better anywhere else

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