We have been allied with the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust since their inception. To this end, we work closely with them to ensure that the fish we sell is ‘recommended’, and that we remain active in local affairs. They have been a constant source of good information over the years, and help to inform us about the methods of fishing, availability of species and local fishing news.

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is founded by Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Cornwall Wildlife Trust have worked closely with Cornish fishermen to produce the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, a website which helps us all make good seafood choices. Including:

Our Cornish fishing industry is something we should all be proud of, but knowing what fish to buy is a complicated issue.  The ethos behind the project is that we must work with the industry to reward good practice and to incentivise further improvement for the long term benefit of the industry as well as the health of the marine environment.

Interview with Matt Slater

“When choosing seafood it is vital to not only think about the sustainability of the fish you are eating but to also bear in mind seasonal variation in availability, quality and price. Wild Harbour do a brilliant job of guiding their customers to source the best local, sustainable seafood, and it is encouraging to see how many chefs and fish enthusiasts are embracing and accepting the natural dynamics of working with the sea and with responsible, small-scale fishermen. Increasingly seasonality is becoming more unpredictable but we should all be adjusting the seafood we eat to match changing patterns of abundance, choosing species that are in season and adapting our eating by sometimes being a bit more adventurous. Wild Harbour have supported our work since the launch of Cornwall Good Seafood Guide back in 2015 and we highly commend, and share, their passion for local, fresh, sustainable seafood.”

Matt Slater, Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, 2019