Fresh Locally Landed Cornish Fish & Seafood

Premier seafood landed daily on the Cornish coast and delivered within 24 hours to chefs across the hospitality sector in the UK. Nationwide next day delivery.

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Cornish Seafood As It Should be

Wild, Fresh & Fair

Cornwall’s leading sustainable business, headquartered in the beautiful Cornish fishing town of Hayle, Cornwall, providing the freshest Cornish seafood and shellfish, landed daily in Cornwall’s local harbours.

We’re a local business with strong relationships to the local day boats, we’re proud of our produce and its provenance, and we’re always happy to answer your questions and offer helpful advice.

Premium Fresh Fish 

From John Dory to Lemon Sole, line-caught Sea Bass to Halibut find something a little more special with our premium sustainable fish to elevate your menu.

Sustainable Cornish White Fish

Not just stunning cod or haddock, from Newlyn to Falmouth the coves of Cornwall’s coast are home to an abundance of sumptuous white  fish species.

Sustainable Cornish Flat Fish

The in-shore of the Cornish coast offer the must spectacular flat fish available in Britain. Prized for delicate flavours, perfect for any restaurant menu.

Cornish Fresh Oily Fish 

From Anchovies to Mackerel, our incredible oily fish are all landed in-shore of Cornwall and delivered to restuarants within 24hours or less. 

Cornish Shellfish 

Our unrivalled Cornish Shellfish is caught and gathered using traditional, sustainable methods. Proudly purified in-house at our premises. 

Cornish Cephalopods

Stunning Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopus sustainably sourced in the fresh waters of Cornwall. Unbeatable freshness, sure to impress on all menus. 

Expert Team

Behind the scenes you’ll find our friendly team of highly skilled, experienced fishmongers, who are incredibly passionate and ready to help you.

Every order we take through our online app and over the telephone is hand prepared, at our premises, with fish fresh of the local day boats, then carefully packed for reliable, speedy delivery. That’s why certain items aren’t always available; it all depends on what the Cornish tide brings in.

Wild Harbour Favourites

Cornish Native Oysters

The oyster fishery that our Native Oysters come from is over 300 years old and all the boats are still powered by sail, the traditional sustainable way. 

Cornish Brown Crab

The Cornish Crab is punchy and intense, brown crab meat lives in the shell cavity at the top of the crab, and has a distinctive, rich, zingy flavour. 

The Cornish Fleet

The fishing industry has been central to Cornwall’s economy and culture for generations. Our business is a strong part of the community, supporting smaller fishing boats and sustainable tradional methods of fishing. 

The majority of our fish comes from the local fleet of day boats, fishing the inshore waters with lines, nets, and pots, the most sustainable of fishing methods, producing little by-catch or discards. Most boats are owner-operated, single-handed, landing their catch daily.