Fresh & Sustainable Cornish Cephalopods

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Sustainably Caught Cornish Cephalopods

We are proud to supply a selection of Cornish cephalopods direct to the hospitality industry, Michelin starred restaurants and chefs across the UK and Europe.

Cephalopods are a highly intelligent group of ocean dwelling creatures, the living cephalopods include the eight-armed octopuses, the ten-armed squids and cuttlefishes. Cepholopods are perfect for so many dishes, when cooked they are beauitfully tender and mild with just a touch of pleasant resitance, like lobster. Lately, as Cepholopods are becoming increasingly appricated, they have assumed a starring role at many restuarants in wild and unexpected dishes. 

Cornish Squid

Similar in many ways to octopus, there are loads you can do with squid – from fried rings of calamari with a lemon aioli, to stuffed squid with salsa!

Cornish Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish one of the less know Cephlapods, the flavour is light, sweet and delicate – a good value seafood, easy to cook and well worth trying on your menu. 

Cornish Octopus

A popular favourite among chefs and consumers alike, this Cornish Octopus has assumed a starring role at many restaurants in unexpected dishes such as risotto.