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Sustainable Cornish Squid 

Squid is similar to octopus in many respects, and there’s a lot you can do with it, from fried calamari rings with a lemon aioli to stuffed squid with salsa!

Squid have elongated heads and thin torpedo-shaped bodies with a kite-shaped fin at the end. Ten tentacles are seen on all squid species. Except for the beak and gladius, the entire body of the squid is edible (the hard internal part also known as the pen or quill). As with traditional calamari, the body can be packed whole, split into pieces, or sliced into rings. Squid may be meltingly tender and utterly wonderful when cooked properly and with care – yet unintentional overcooking can leave it somewhat rubbery!

Squid is available fresh throughout the year, depending on the species. It ranges in size from small 5-7cm specimens to giant specimens of over 25cm. Few shellfish freeze as well as squid, making it a great product to keep on hand in the freezer for a quick seafood supper. Fresh squid can also be frozen before cooked to help tenderise the meat.

FLAVOUR: Mild | TEXTURE: Firm | IN SEASON: Jan, Jul-Dec


Wild, Fresh & Fair 

Cornwall’s leading sustainable fishery, headquartered in the beautiful Cornish fishing town of Hayle Cornwall, providing the freshest Cornish seafood and shellfish, landed daily in Cornwall’s local harbours.

We’re a local business with strong relationships to the local day boats, we’re proud of our produce and its provenance, and we’re always happy to answer your questions and offer helpful advice.


Fresh from the day boats of Cornwall and delivered straight to your restaurant in as little as 24 hours.


The Cornish coast supplies beautiful wild fish all year round, so choose the best of what's in season.


Wild Habour is a community business, proud of our produce and its provenance, with strong ties to the local fishing fleet.

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It all begins at sea. Each morning, we receive fresh fish from our trusted community of in-shore day boats.

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Your seafood is expertly filleted & prepared to order and packaged within a temperature controlled eco-friendly box.

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Nationwide delivery direct to your kitchen within 24 hours of the day boat catch landing here in Cornwall.

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Wild harbour seafood

The clear waters of the Cornish coast are home to Britain’s finest seafood and shellfish. The daily catch from local day boats lands fresh Cornish crab and lobster, magnificent line-caught sea bass in season, mackerel, pollack, sole and place. Wonderful Cornish native oysters, mussels and hand dived king scallops. But with over 40 local species, from  Cornish Sole to Sardines, the truth is we never know what the tide will bring in.