Extra Special Cornish Seafood For Your Restaurant Menu

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Cornish Premium Sea Bass

‘The chef’s choice’, over the years we have become known for our wild sea bass that is of incredible size. These beauties are caught by hook and line in Cornwall by day boat fisherman.

Cornish Premium Dover Sole

Dover sole is the king of the sole family, celebrated by celebrity chefs. It has excellent, crisp, white flesh that is firm to the touch, unlike most other fish, and has a distinctly delicious, refined, sweet flavour. Whatever the occasion, it’s a real delight.

Cornish Premium Monk

Monkfish has a unique look with its flattened head, tapering body and speckled-brown, shiny skin and can be very large. These high-quality Cornish Monkfish Fillets have a firm, meaty texture with light colour.

Premium Halibut

Prestigious Halibut has long been the kind of the flatfish with beautiful white, oily and flavoursome flesh. Our local day boats land absolutely huge Halibut, over 30KG! We supply sustainable Halibut to passionate chefs across Cornwall and beyond.

Cornish Premium Turbot

Our Cornish Turbot, the undisputed king of the oceans, is a fine-dining delicacy found on the menus of the world’s greatest restaurants. Its firm, white, luscious flesh offers a delightful, deep flavour that is similar to that of Dover sole.

Cornish Premium Brill

Brill is a large member of the sole family, with a flavour and quality similar to turbot, but less well-known and, in our opinion, vastly underestimated. Top chefs and connoisseurs love it for its firm, meaty texture, white flesh, and distinct, rich, sweet flavour.

Cornish Premium Oysters

Our local fishery that our Natives come from is over 300 years old and all the boats are still powered by sail. Simply the ultimate luscious natural seafood.

Premium Scallops

Our unrivalled South West Shellfish is caught and gathered using traditional, sustainable methods. Proudly purified in-house at our premises in Hayle.

Cornish Premium Crab

Landed straight from the waters off Cornwall daily, We believe Cornish Brown Crab is the very best: full of juicy meat and bursting with local flavour.

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The clear waters of the Cornish coast are home to Britain’s finest seafood and shellfish. The daily catch from local day boats lands fresh Cornish crab and lobster, magnificent line-caught sea bass in season, mackerel, pollack, sole and place. Wonderful Cornish native oysters, mussels and hand dived king scallops. But with over 40 local species, from  Cornish Sole to Sardines, the truth is we never know what the tide will bring in.