Fresh & Sustainable Cornish Flat Fish

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Farmed Halibut

Prestigious Halibut has long been the kind of the flatfish with beautiful white, oily and flavoursome flesh. Locally farmed on the shores of Cornwall. We supply sustainable Halibut to passionate chefs across Cornwall and beyond.

Sustainable Cornish Turbot

Our Cornish Turbot, the undisputed king of the oceans, is a fine-dining delicacy found on the menus of the world’s greatest restaurants. Its firm, white, luscious flesh offers a delightful, deep flavour that is similar to that of Dover sole. 

Sustainable Cornish Brill

Brill is a large member of the sole family, with a flavour and quality similar to turbot, but less well-known and, in our opinion, vastly underestimated. Top chefs and connoisseurs love it for its firm, meaty texture, white flesh, and distinct, rich, sweet flavour.

Dover Sole

Dover sole is the king of the sole family, celebrated by celebrity chefs. It has excellent, crisp, white flesh that is firm to the touch, unlike most other fish, and has a distinctly delicious, refined, sweet flavour. Whatever the occasion, it’s a real delight.

Lemon Sole

Our Cornish Lemon sole is an oval flatfish with sweet, finely flaked white meat, a delicate, clean-tasting flavour, a soft texture, and silky smooth skin. It’s a delicious, lean, low-calorie fish that’s quick and easy to prepare, making it an especially healthful choice.


Traditional Cornish Plaice, loved by restaurants and chip shops up and down the country. Soft flavour as lemon sole, but it takes sauces and other flavours very well, and is great for battering. Distinctive by its stunning orange spots on its upper side.

Megrim Sole

Our stunning Megrim Sole, a true Cornish fish landed daily in Newlyn and surrounding harbours. It’s a beautiful alternative to Lemon Sole, lots of fantastic chefs are now discovering the true magic of Megrim Sole, and it’s appearing more on menus in the UK.


Witch, also known as Torbay Sole, has a similar appearance to Megrim, and is from the same family as Lemon Sole and Plaice. Both Megrim and Witch  are landed just of the Coast of the South West by local fisherman using traditional methods.

Flounder & Dab

Cornish Flounder is an under rated Flatfish, however here at Wild Harbour we believe it’s a fantastic alternative to Plaice, with its flaked and succulent texture, delicious when baked with a crust of parmesan cheese and panko breadcrumbs.