Committed To Being Carbon Neutral

At Wild Harbour Fish Company, we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet, and as part of our sustainability journey have just become certified Carbon Neutral.


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Safeguarding Our Environment

We believe that it is crucial to safeguard our environment and preserve it for future generations. 
As a responsible business, it is our obligation to do all we can to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as possible and to offset any carbon we do produce through verified projects. Only by doing this can we consider ourselves to be truly carbon-neutral.

Our Journey To Becoming A
Carbon Neutral Small Business

Wild Harbour Fish Company has always been sustainable by nature – we set out to have a positive impact on the environment since our inception in 2012, because we believe it’s simply the right thing to do. So we’re delighted to announce that we have now achieved carbon neutrality- and we’re ready to bring all of our customers along with us!

We’ve been putting processes in place to enable us to continuously record our energy usage, other utilities and business travel – and now that we’re able to document and calculate our emissions accurately, we better understand our carbon footprint.

We asked specialist climate advisory consultancy, Carbon Neutral Britain to independently audit our carbon footprint, to confirm its accuracy, and then worked with them to offset our emissions. In taking these actions, we became a carbon-neutral business. We’re very proud of this achievement, but this is only the start of our journey.

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean?

By achieving carbon-neutral status, we have a picture of our impact on the environment across our water, waste, electricity, gas and business travel. We’ve taken positive action to offset the carbon emissions associated with our business – funding a project that ‘saves’ the same amount of carbon as we emitted. We were careful to select a verified offset project that aligns with our Sustainable Development Goals: the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund, which helps developing countries tackle climate change and reduce poverty.

Together, we can begin to help restore the balance.

We are committed to protecting nature, so that we can continue to benefit from nature’s strength

Environmental Practices at Our Core

Wild Harbour was established with a sustainable mindset at its core; all of our decisions about whom we acquire our produce from and where we operate have been made with the environment in mind, in order to limit our carbon footprint and environmental impact to a minimum.

We only source our fresh fish from local day boats in Cornwall, that use non-harmful fishing practises that support sustainability for our ocean’s biodiversity and sea beds. We also recycle as much of our waste as possible, including our fish waste products, which we turn into bait or fertiliser for the agricultural economy in Cornwall. 

Sustainability & Fishing Method

It is critical to remember that for thousands of years, communities have fished sustainably in a very natural way with small boats and traditional catch methods. Only in recent years, as commercial fishing has increased, has sustainability become a serious concern. By sourcing all our fresh fish and shellfish from local in-shore day boats, we not only have total transparency on the traceability of the landed catch, but we can also be assured that the sustainable fishing methods used such as catching fish in-season by rod, net and pot allows marine to thrive, ocean beds to be left unharmed and also protects the livelihood of our local fisherman, who have been fishing this way for generations.

Zero Waste Practices

We strive to make every aspect of our business as environmentally-friendly as possible. This includes using natural seaweed as packaging for our shellfish, using returnable boxes for deliveries, and reusing as much packaging as possible. We also aim to recycle as much waste as we can, using on-site methods of waste separation. Our fish waste product is always recycled back to the angler to use for rod or pot bait. We are also very delighted to be able to partner with local agricultural communities in Cornwall, where we can supply our waste fish off-cuts to make exceptional fertiliser for local veggies and crops. So, the next time you buy a cauliflower, keep in mind that it could have been created with fish!

Evolving Our Packaging

We have always sought to make our packaging environmentally friendly, although when shipping raw fresh produce all over the UK, it does present some hurdles! We’ve recently debuted our ‘Blue Boxes’ as an alternative to polystyrene. We use natural packaging materials where possible, such as seaweed, to package our native shellfish. We’ve been working hard to eliminate all polystyrene from our packaging because, while it’s fantastic for keeping produce cold, it’s horrible for the environment. With this in mind, we’ve spent time researching the best insulating packaging that is environmentally friendly and entirely recyclable; we’ve found the solution! WoolCool packaging, a 100 percent bio-degradable wool installation, will be introduced.

we only source from local fisherman

We are committed to supporting our fisherman with sustainble fishing gear and fair pay

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all your seafood sustainable?

Yes! At Wild Harbour we believe being able to source the most responsibility caught fish and shellfish is of the utmost importance, we also believe the transparency on catch method is crucial. We believe that by only catching and sourcing sustainably caught fish and shellfish, by their very nature, the fish will be of the best quality and by handling the fish onshore using our quality and fresh protocols, each fish will reach our customers in pristine condition.

What is Cornwall Good seafood guide?

We are proud to be recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. We work closely with the fantastic team to help us ensure we are sourcing fish that are in season and sustainable. For more information visit:

Is all your seafood sourced in Cornwall?

Yes! The majority of our fish is sourced on the in-shore waters of Cornwall, by small independently owned day boat fishermen. We believe that the fishing community is a crucial part of Cornwall and by supporting smaller fishermen, the catch is very sustainable and offers by far superior quality.

What methods are used to catch your fish?

All of our fish is sustainably caught in-shore on the Cornish Coast by time served day boat fisherman, typically our fisherman fish with traditional methods such as hand lines, nets and pots. 

is your fish traceable?

Absolutely! Every single fish that comes into our HQ in Hayle, Cornwall can be identified from the time & date of the catch to the boat, fisherman and catch method.

The species i'd like is unavailable, can you help?

Yes! If you’d like a specific species but have checked the seasonality and it’s not a suitable time to source the fish, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can suggest and advise you on other species that are available and have comparable flavour and texture. Please give our customer services a call on 01736448668 or email us at


Fresh from the day boats of Cornwall and delivered straight to your restaurant in as little as 24 hours.


The Cornish coast supplies beautiful wild fish all year round, so choose the best of what's in season.


Wild Habour is a community business, proud of our produce and its provenance, with strong ties to the local fishing fleet.