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Our Cornish Fishermen

We’ve always had strong ties to Cornwall’s under 10ft day boats, as well as a love of nutritious and an appreciation of lesser-known species of fish found in our Cornish waters. Although, we felt that the magnificent line-caught seafood landed by these tremendously hard-working fisherman was far more sustainable and of greater quality than that of the enormous commercial fishing fleets. We knew that our local fishermen deserved to be recognised for procuring really sustainable fish, that is eco-friendly and of far superior quality. 

This sparked an idea back in 2012 for a collaboration with a few independent day boat fishermen, who would provide us with excellent daily catches that we would find homes for all across the UK. We’ve built a national reputation among chefs in the hospitality sector for supplying wild, fresh and fair seafood that our chefs & their customers really appreciate.

Abi Taylor

Founder & CEO

The Journey From Sea To Kitchen

It’s 2am, most people are fast asleep, and our local fisherman of Cornwall are preparing to head out to sea on their day boats. They go out on their fishing boats almost every day, many of them alone, risking their lives in tough conditions to capture fresh sustainable fish for chefs and restaurants across the UK. They usually leave at 2.30 a.m. and don’t return until late in the evening; this is just a normal day’s work for them. 

Each fish is caught using hand lines or rod and line, which is a very selective technique of fishing. It not only allows us to produce superior quality landings that chefs throughout the UK appreciate, but it also allows us to provide complete transparency in the traceability and welfare of the fish landed.

Each fish that is landed is carefully unhooked, rinsed, and arranged into containers of new slush ice on deck. Our fisherman regulates the temperature of the fish throughout the day, keeping the core temperature low and allowing for a fresher, longer shelf life.

All of our fishermen are very meticulous about keeping their boats clean, organising their equipment, maintaining their vessels, and recycling rubbish whenever feasible. When our fishermen return to port, the fish containers are lifted onto the key, put into a refrigerated vehicle, and brought directly to our Hayle, Cornwall, headquarters.

We comb through the landing and produce a list of what is available on our app once we have received the fresh landed fish into our premises. Our skilled fishmongers are preparing each fish to order on-site by early morning, and the produce usually sells out rapidly. All of our fish and shellfish are packaged in temperature-controlled boxes, shipped the same day, and arrive in pristine condition the next day to restaurants across the UK.

The end product is so superior to most fish available in the UK. Our chefs are passionate about our fish, due to the nature of our selective catch method, little to no discards and the assurance that the fish is being well treated through the whole journey from sea to kitchen.

How We Work

Today's Fresh Catch

It all begins at sea. Each morning, we receive fresh fish from our trusted community of in-shore day boats.

We Prep & Pack

Your seafood is expertly filleted & prepared to order and packaged within a temperature controlled eco-friendly box.

To Your Kitchen

Nationwide delivery direct to your kitchen within 24 hours of the day boat catch landing here in Cornwall.

from sea to kitchen

wild harbour seafood

The clear waters of the Cornish coast are home to Britain’s finest seafood and shellfish. The daily catch from local day boats lands fresh Cornish crab and lobster, magnificent line-caught sea bass in season, mackerel, pollack, sole and place. Wonderful Cornish native oysters, mussels and hand dived king scallops. But with over 40 local species, from  Cornish Sole to Sardines, the truth is we never know what the tide will bring in.