Without a doubt, one of the most important factors in our business is the sourcing of sustainable species. With this in mind, our buyers work hard to source sustainable fish and shellfish from the local community and further afield, with the aim of minimising the effect of overfishing, thus ensuring the survival of livelihoods and species for years to come.

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Sustainable Fish & Shellfish From The Wild Harbours Of Cornwall

It is essential to us that the fish we sell is sustainable, not just for the sake of our environment, but also for the sake of our future generations of fishermen here in Cornwall. Fishing has provided a living for a millennia, and we want to ensure that our stocks remain abundant and intact for years to come.

With this aim in mind, our partnership with the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has provided us with the knowledge and experience to make decisions about the fish we sell, as well as the sheer variety of species that are available in Cornish waters.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourcing Wild Cornish Fish Species

At Wild Harbour we believe being able to source only the most sustainably caught fish and shellfish are of the utmost of importance, we also believe the transparency on the catch method is crucial. 

We feel it is our duty to educate and inform our customers about the variety of fish and shellfish available on their doorstep. We have been instrumental in championing relatively unknown species, such as the Cornish Megrim Sole, as a viable alternative to other species which are threatened with overfishing. Not only does this serve to increase interest in Cornish fish, but also is in keeping with our ethos. Please contact us, or visit the seasonal page on this website to learn more about Native fish and shellfish species.

Proud To Support Our Local Cornish Fleet

The fishing industry has been central to Cornwall’s economy and culture for generations. The majority of our fish comes from the local fleet of day boats, fishing the inshore waters with lines, nets, and pots, the most sustainable of fishing methods, producing little by-catch or discards.

We are so proud to work alongside local fishermen, developing relationships that are still going strong nearly ten years later. We ensure that the fish we buy is from the small, under 10m fleet, that use fishing methods, like hook and line, which have been in practice for hundreds of years and are proven to be sustainable. These smaller boats, usually only manned by a single fisherman, are also able to ensure the exceptional quality we demand by using the ‘slush ice method’ which bring the core temperature of fish down incredibly quickly, preserving that ‘just caught’ quality.

Provenance & Excellence Assured

The unique natural environment on the west coast of Cornwall and the in-shore fisherman who fish them is the fabric woven into the provenance of our wild, fresh & fair seafood.

We are committed to operating in an environmentally respectful way. The natural environment in which we source is central to ensuring a sustainable business and high-quality seafood. Robust environmental management procedures are integral to all our operations to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and driving continual improvement across the business. We appreciate our role as custodians of our natural environment. Considerable emphasis is placed on minimising the potential impact our activities could have on local ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife.

Protecting The Environment

We strive to make every aspect of our business as environmentally friendly as possible.

As well as supporting the most sustainable methods of inshore fishing, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint to help protect the local environment and sustain our planet. As we continue on our mission to “make a difference” in the environment, we will strive to become a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable small business.

Proud To Be Carbon Neutral

We have partnered up with Carbon Neutral Britain to develop a report on our entire organisations carbon emissions- and have offset our usage in 2021 through the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund™.

Zero Waste Company Practices

We strive towards zero waste in all aspects of our business. We are proud to work with the local agricultural community in Cornwall, supplying waste fish off-cuts to generate fertiliser for vegetables and crops.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are proud to delivery most of our products in our blue boxes, which can be returned and reused. We also use recycled reusable wool, natural seaweed to package our shellfish and recycled boxes as much as possible.

Good Seafood Guide

We are allied with the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust since their inception. We work closely with them to ensure that the fish we sell is ‘recommended’, and that we remain active in local affairs.

Supporting Local Fisherman

The majority of our fish comes from the local Cornish fleet of day boats, fishing the inshore waters with lines, nets, and pots, the most sustainable of fishing methods, producing little by-catch or discards. 

Educating Our Customers

We feel it is our duty to educate our customers about the variety of fish and shellfish available on their doorstep. Not only does this serve to increase interest in Cornish fish, but also is in keeping with our ethos.

Certified Shellfish Depuration Centre Based in Hayle, Cornwall 

We are proud to be an approved shellfish depuration centre in Cornwall and can supply purified shellfish direct from our premises based in the beautiful town of Hayle, Cornwall.

The process of depuration is where shellfish such as scallops, oysters, clams and mussels are placed into a clean water environment using ultraviolet light to purify the water for a period of time to allow purging of biological contaminants and physical impurities such as sand and silt.

Supplying Outstanding Wild Seafood To The UK's Best Chefs 

Wild Harbour Fish Company provides the highest quality, sustainably-caught Cornish seafood to restaurants throughout the UK and beyond to chefs who shares our passion for stunning Cornish seafood.

We source our fish from local day boats on the coast of Cornwall, prepared each day and delivered within 24 hours or less directly to professional chefs each day. We supply all types of catering establishments from Michelin starred restaurants, hotels, pubs and caterers.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

Holding three Michelin-stars, Gordon Ramsay’s flagship restaurant provides elegant modern French cuisine using the finest seasonal ingredients and employing both classic and modern techniques.

London Shell Co

The London Shell Co is like meals on wheels, but with no wheels and a lot more oysters. This canal boat serves a set seafood cruising menu (if you want to be on the move) or a la carte (if you prefer to be stationary).

The Black Bull Sedburgh

British, European, and Asian-inspired dishes. The Black Bull’s dining room is very much focused on serving an array of delicious dishes crafted from the freshest possible produce available from the surrounding landscape.

from sea to kitchen

wild harbour seafood

The clear waters of the Cornish coast are home to Britain’s finest seafood and shellfish. The daily catch from local day boats lands fresh Cornish crab and lobster, magnificent line-caught sea bass in season, mackerel, pollack, sole and plaice. Wonderful Cornish native oysters, mussels and hand dived king scallops. But with over 40 local species, from  Cornish Sole to Sardines, the truth is we never know what the tide will bring in.