Daily Landed Fresh Fish & Shellfish Delivered To Your Kitchen

Wild Harbour Fish Company is committed to local, sustainable sourcing, working with the best fishermen and markets around the South West Coast to bring the finest seafood to your kitchen.




The Wild Harbour Way

  • We champion Cornish local in-shore day boat fisherman. Our mission is to support and keep alive the traditional fishing industry, helping to build a more sustainable future.
  • Your order comes packed in temperature-controlled chill boxes. Our fish is landed daily and is packed to order the day before delivery, ensuring your order arrives fresh to your door.
  • We offer contact-free delivery across the UK 5 days a week. You’re free to choose the delivery day that works for you, not for us.
  • Everything’s 100% traceable, from our boats to your fridge. Every order contains a traceability report, giving you and your customer’s food you can trust.

Supplying UK’s Chefs & Restaurants Fresh Fish and Shellfish For Over 10 Years

Working closely with many of the leading chefs and restaurants throughout Britain, our aim is simple: to become the catering industry’s dedicated fishmonger of choice. With a wealth of knowledge and enviable access to the market, we offer so much more than just fish!

From a promise to deliver sound provenance – we can tell you the market your fish was landed at and the boat that brought it in – to assisting chefs in the seasonality of their menus, we like to form long-lasting partnerships that benefit and bring value to our customers’ businesses.

Account Handling: We provide a dedicated point of contact who will manage your account.  From the initial stages of discussing and tailoring prices and products to ensuring a delivery time that suits you we will strive to ensure a good working relationship is nurtured and maintained.

Order Preparation: Our skilled team of fishmongers provides a bespoke preparation service, and you can rely on our many years in the retail trade to ensure accurate portion control!

Ongoing Communication: From giving early advice on availability to keeping you informed when supplies become threatened we will keep the lines of communication open, allowing you to make great choices and stay one step ahead of the culinary scene. 

Cornish Seafood As It Should be

Wild, Fresh & Fair

Cornwall’s leading sustainable fishery, headquartered in the beautiful Cornish fishing town of Hayle Cornwall, providing the freshest Cornish seafood and shellfish, landed daily in Cornwall’s local harbours.

We’re a local business with strong relationships to the local day boats, we’re proud of our produce and its provenance, and we’re always happy to answer your questions and offer helpful advice.

Premium Fresh Fish 

From John Dory to Lemon Sole, line-caught Sea Bass to Halibut, find something a little more special with our premium sustainable fish to elevate your menu.

Sustainable Cornish White Fish

Not just stunning cod or haddock, from Newlyn to Falmouth the coves of Cornwall’s coast are home to an abundance of sumptuous white  fish species.

Sustainable Cornish Flat Fish

The in-shore of the Cornish coast offer the must spectacular flat fish available in Britain. Prized for delicate flavours, perfect for any restaurant menu.

Cornish Fresh Oily Fish 

From Anchovies to Mackerel, our incredible oily fish are all landed in-shore of Cornwall and delivered to restaurants within 24hours or less.

Cornish Shellfish 

Our unrivalled Cornish Shellfish is caught and gathered using traditional, sustainable methods. Proudly purified in-house at our premises.

Cornish Cephalopods

Stunning Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopus are sustainably sourced in the fresh waters of Cornwall. Unbeatable freshness, sure to impress on all menus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all your seafood sustainable?

Yes! At Wild Harbour we believe being able to source the most responsibility caught fish and shellfish is of the utmost importance, we also believe the transparency on catch method is crucial. We believe that by only catching and sourcing sustainably caught fish and shellfish, by their very nature, the fish will be of the best quality and by handling the fish onshore using our quality and fresh protocols, each fish will reach our customers in pristine condition.

What is Cornwall Good seafood guide?

We are proud to be recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. We work closely with the fantastic team to help us ensure we are sourcing fish that are in season and sustainable. For more information visit: https://www.cornwallgoodseafoodguide.org.uk/

Is all your seafood sourced in Cornwall?

Yes! The majority of our fish is sourced on the in-shore waters of Cornwall, by small independently owned day boat fishermen. We believe that the fishing community is a crucial part of Cornwall and by supporting smaller fishermen, the catch is very sustainable and offers by far superior quality.

What methods are used to catch your fish?

All of our fish is sustainably caught in-shore on the Cornish Coast by time served day boat fisherman, typically our fisherman fish with traditional methods such as hand lines, nets and pots. 

is your fish traceable?

Absolutely! Every single fish that comes into our HQ in Hayle, Cornwall can be identified from the time & date of the catch to the boat, fisherman and catch method.

The species i'd like is unavailable, can you help?

Yes! If you’d like a specific species but have checked the seasonality and it’s not a suitable time to source the fish, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can suggest and advise you on other species that are available and have comparable flavour and texture. Please give our customer services a call on 01736448668 or email us at info@wildharbour.co.uk

from sea to kitchen

Wild harbour seafood

The clear waters of the Cornish coast are home to Britain’s finest seafood and shellfish. The daily catch from local day boats lands fresh Cornish crab and lobster, magnificent line-caught sea bass in season, mackerel, pollack, sole and place. Wonderful Cornish native oysters, mussels and hand dived king scallops. But with over 40 local species, from  Cornish Sole to Sardines, the truth is we never know what the tide will bring in.